Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 Diawali Game of Skate Competition

First on the year 2008, ENDcidential Skateboards Shop & Zealot Skateboards held “2008 Diawali Game of Skate Competition”.
The event is held on January 27 2008 at ITS Surabaya Skateboards Park (in front of ITS central tuck-shop).
Registration starting from 08.00am & with Rp.10,000,- you all can scramble Skateboards Deck, Rp.500,000,- cash money & hot stuff from the sponsor!!!
So, what you waiting for…
Starting practice your flip trick, skate more hard from now & get the prize just for you guys!!!
words by END47 and picts courtesy from SurabayaSk8.Com

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